Civil Engineering is the oldest branch of engineering as it started exactly when human beings began to construct their own dwellings for shelter and comfortable paths to move and travel. In the present era of globalization tremendous developments have taken place in the field of real estate and infrastructure which have opened vast job opportunities for civil engineers

For meeting the increasing demand of Civil Engineers across the globe ITM took the initiative to establish and run the department of Civil Engineering in July,2010 under its own flag .The Civil Engineering Department started with the intake of 60 students which was doubled in 2012.

The goal of Civil engineering is to provide the human beings a comfortable ,healthy and safe environment that is free from pollution. To achieve this goal the Civil Engineering Department lays special emphasis on the teaching of subjects such as Structural design, Transport engineering, Water Resource engineering ,Water and Waste management. .The Civil Engineering department of ITM is giving support and all relevant information to the students about the real scenario of the opportunities and challenges of their professions. The Department helps the students to get an exposure to know how to use the latest technologies and how to make the maximum utilization of the limited resources.